Monday, May 23, 2005

More Current Works of maleahlynne

An additional current work (other than the tank top I am ferociously knitting) is a pair of socks from Koigu yarn. I'm about this far on both socks (I used my scanner in lieu of the soon-to-be-arriving camera). The yarn is wonderful--soft, woolly, my favorite new sock yarn. And I love that I convinced my poor hubby to drive all the way to the Knit Cafe in W. Hollywood to buy it (driving in so cal is nightmarish... especially when it's over 2 hrs away and towards the city!). See how lucky I am?


Anonymous said...

Nice work. It's not good when the student does better than the teacher. Love Grandma

Anonymous said...


I'm so proud of my creative wife. The least I can do is take her to the cool yarn stores. At least the one in W. hollywood had some nice places for husbands to sit.

Anonymous said...

I've been working on a beaded doily for awhile but I will finish it you've given me inspiration!!