Friday, May 20, 2005

Newbie Blogger

I have been waiting for this moment for months... finally a knitting blog to call my own. I've been waiting until the perfect moment: when I bought my first digital camera. Let's face it... knit blogs without pictures are slightly boring (sorry!) and I'm a fun lovin' gal. It was also my first ebay purchase... I had my husband chained to the computer in case any one tried to out bid us at the last moment. $9.51 later (plus $5 shipping), we are the proud owners of a very cheap vivicam digital camera! Let the blogging begin! Once I actually receive the camera there will be much more action with pictures and posts galore! Until then.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maleah. I know you've talked about wanting to have your own blog for awhile. I'm glad you finally got to. I'm excited to see your projects. I hope your camera arrives quickly and that you are happy with it. Love mom.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I like your sense of humor, also like what you can do with yarn, keep up the good work, and keep that hubby happy!!

Anonymous said...

The student does better than the teacher!! That means you had a very good teacher or you are an exceptional studentor maybe some of both!!