Saturday, June 04, 2005

Nature finally wins!

So the knitting and crafting have won out over nature recently. I finally went hiking on my own time (instead of just during work) with my hubbie and housemate to the waterfall. We take kids here often, but my housemate and hubbie had never been, and the only time I went I got lost. I took another stab at it and it was wonderful. It was also a great way to test out the camera!

Here you can see the desert beyond my town, and of course the forest in my town.

We stopped at some great lookout points along the way (that's my super good humored hubbie)

And finally we got to our destination: the waterfall (huge, I know).

To see my housemate braving the cold, rapid water, click on read more!

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Missy said...

Love the scenery! Looks like a good time. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind words. I really like your page... lots of creativity! Keep up the great work.