Sunday, June 05, 2005


I heart Pasadena! I wish I lived closer, but I couldn't afford it and then I couldn't work where I do and my husband would either kill our neighbors or himself. We were down in P-town earlier today for a meeting and some light shopping (old town is great! I love Urban Outfitters and there was this paper store of my dreams!). We also stopped by a new yarn store, but in the fashion of so many So Cal yarn sources, it was closed on Sundays (I know their site says they are open Sundays but they are assuredly not). After a short cry, we headed to:
the greatest grocery store on earth.
We managed to escape without spending our total life's savings, which is rare for such a great store. Of course there were other stores involved and other adventures, but of course I'm just giving you the highlights.

While my poor husband, who detests traffic mind you, was chauffeuring me around, I got to work on these babies:

and now my socks are starting to have little feetsies! I'm not sure what I will do with my spare time once these are done. I've been banished from yarn buying for myself... I wonder if KnitPicks yarn counts (I've never tried it, but it's sooooo cheap). Or hopefully my secret pal will pull through with something amazing? Keep your fingers crossed people!


hubbie said...

Nothing makes me happier than to fuel my wife's creative juices. Taking her to yarn and paper stores is like taking a kid to Disneyland. I truly can't explain the amazing look on her face. I suppose it is similar to the look on my face when she let me go to Best Buy the greatest guy store of all time. I hope everyone appreciates the level of suppert I give to my knit crazy wife, it takes alot of patience. HEHEHE

Anonymous said...

Keep that hubbie happy - he's one of a kind!!! Love mom.

Me said...

Oh I know.. isn't it frustrating when yarn stores close on Sunday? :o)

I'm glad you have a hubby who will take you around... I've been married 14 years now, and Himself can just about tolerate yarn stores (if he gets to stay in the car!!!)

Also wanted to say that I think it's great that your family leaves comments here.. hope you all don't mind that someone you don't know from Adam buts in here...

Have a great day... and .. Hello!