Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Pomp and circumstance

I don't think that I mentioned in my June 18 post that the boring graduation ceremony was mine. Here's hubbie and I looking fancy in the gown (oooh and the hood... now I feel accomplished). It was much different that my first college graduation, because there were only 200 graduates and literally four were getting their bachelor's and all the rest were master's students. At my other school, there were thousands of graduates and less than 5% were masters. We decided that at the current school they split up the ceremonies into colleges (college of education, for example) so more people can feel important and speak. The keynote at mine was a young, inspiring polititian from ANOTHER district!!! She was a good speaker, but doesn't that seem silly and strange to anyone else? She should have been speaking at the O.C. instead of the inland empire. There are no inspiring speakers residing in the I.E.? Actually, that wouldn't surprise me (the IE is pretty dirty and scummy and scuzzy and, well, you get the point).... never mind. So anyway, in case you're dying of curiousity, my master's is in environmental education and sadly, it was cheaper (and most courses were easier) than my bachelors in recreation (that's right... it's really a major... don't tell your kids) management.

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Me said...

Well done!!!!! It must've gone in one eye and straight out the other one, because I hadn't realized that you'd just graduated!!

Good for you!!