Sunday, August 28, 2005

Progress feels so right

Yeah, that’s right. Look at this! More progress. I have broken the non-knitting trend (this will last... I hope). So hubbie’s sweater is going well as are other things here in sunny hot So. Cal. To celebrate, we went swinging on the neighbor’s porch swing (shhh... I don’t think they know about it).

I found some great, plain, cheap cereal that’s local! I love it!!! It’s just puffed corn. That’s it. I love the simplicity. I’m trying to eat food with the simplest ingredients possible. It creeps me out to eat things I can’t pronounce or understand. I’d highly recommend something like it for everyone (there’s more than one company.... it’s in a bag, not a box, in the cereal isle).

I met my first running goal yesterday! I’m celebrating by buying a new sports bra. I just realized I am still wearing some from high school (which is disgusting). After this week, I will have been running for 2 months and I get a new running outfit to feel adorable while I run (which will motivate me to keep running... which is a little sad really).

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