Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sock Swatch

New knitting! What an exciting thing. As you can see, I finally made a new swatch so I can start something new! If you look very closely you can see two s cables. This if for hubbie's new sock. That's right... it's hubbie knitting mania lately.

His sweater sleeve is still coming along. Only 1/2" more on the first sleevie! Then the whole thing over again. This is the first circular sweater I've made, and it has been so much faster than the other two sweaters I made for hubbie (both took three months of knitting straight!).

I'm also looking forward to some new yarn coming in the mail soon... I'll keep you updated. The lady who gets the mail at work (remember, I live where I work) has gone to Germany for two weeks and no one else is that unbusy. Hopefully I'll actually get mail (did I mention that other than getting the mail, that lady has no other official job? She's my neighbor and she's always busy... but with what I ask you?).

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