Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hideous scarf

So, despite reservations from my mom and hubbie, I’m still going full speed ahead on operation Marley’s Ghost. As you can see, I’ve done about 12 chains of 27, so I’m almost ½ way there. I’m thinking of making it longer and adding another color on both ends. That way if it’s ugly (but according to mom and hubbie that will be a given), I can snip them off and still have a scarf/thingie.

In other news, I am looking more and more forward to the end of my stay here in sunny So. Cal. and am already planning recreational activities in Washington: co-ed adult dodgeball (for me and hubbie), runner’s club (me), stitch n’ bitch (me), and learn to row like crew (me). The last one is very exciting, but as I was telling a less girly friend of mine, I’m not a swimmer so much and don’t really enjoy being wet, so I’m hoping to learn to row in Lake Washington without ever having to touch the water in the lake. Do you think this is possible? I know, it’s very silly. And what do you wear to row? I’ll have to look into all the details. For now, I think I’ll stick to running. It’s much less complex. And easier to dress for. And not so wet (unless you include the sweating-- I mean glistening).

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