Sunday, April 02, 2006

Official Xbox Product

So after several ideas and discussions with hubbie, I've created a very rough prototype for the xbox headband. Seen below, you can see I still need to work a bit on the lettering. If you can figure out what will be written on the headband, you just might get a shout out in a later post (oh yes, the all important shout out). Hubbie, you already know, so you don't count (besides, you're almost the focal point of the blog). Those of you who know hubbie have an extreme advantage here. These two colors won't work together for hubbie, since he's color blind and can't see any difference between them. Which leads me to my next quandary. If this is to be an official Xbox headband, should I be using their official colors? And what would those colors be? I would have thought black and lime green, but now with the Xbox 360, their color palate completely confuses me. Perhaps after hubbie brags to his friends about how sweet the headband is, I will have found a new niche in the marketplace and can quit my job and just pump out personalized Xbox headbands for other "breakers" such as hubbie who seem to have destroyed their plastic Xbox sanctioned headset into a million pieces.

Speaking of those who make their living selling random crafty goodness, I conned hubbie into taking me to my first I Heart Rummage sale. I didn't tell him there was actually no rummage for sale until we were in the car and he was too lazy to turn around and head back home (driving in Seattle is tough business). It's a good thing we didn't go with any money, because I was enamored with some delicious skirts that I really can't afford (and would probably look silly on me anyway... my legs are too pasty). I can't wait until next month's sale. Hopefully by then I can work on my begging tactics a little more and be able to cunningly convince hubbie that I truly can't live without a tie bracelet or funky handmade skirt.

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hubbie said...

Well even though my colorblindness left me looking at a simple patch ofyarn, I loveit. I think the fact that your intrest is now focused around video games is a huge step forward inour relationship. I'm sure that the gaming masses will be beating down your door for one. The rumage sale is a no go for me. You will have to find a new patsy to join you for that wasteof time.