Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Riding the Bus With My Knitting

So I've instituted a new knitting strategy: bring my knitting to work. This way, I can knit while I wait for the bus, on the bus, walking to work (depending on what I'm carrying), at lunch, and on the way home. So far it's worked well and I've whipped out some dishcloths for my secret pal (who will soon know who I am, or who she is).

This leads me to some small complaints about the metro bus system.
  • Why are the busses so crowded? As you can imagine, I have yet to figure out how to knit while standing on a moving vehicle. This means I can only actually knit on the bus when I get to sit down.
  • Why are the seats so small? Apparently the average person who rides the bus in the city is not skinny (maybe if they were, they'd ride their bike instead... unless they're afraid of traffic, like me), and does not fit in the seat provided. This makes knitting awquard, as I don't want to accidentally poke anyone with my needles.
  • Why are people so rude? I understand handicap people, people who talk to themselves, and grossly obese people needing two seats, but on a crowded bus, why would anyone else be so selfish as to take up two seats? I asked a man with several bags today if I could sit down, and he said he had too many bags. That is crap. I've ridden the bus with obnoxious baggage before (physical, not emotional), and know how to contain my stuff in my own seat. Really!
In other, non-ranting news, hubbie and I canned some applesauce tonight. I conned the poor man into cutting up the apples (although he made me peel them myself) and helping me cook, can, and process the sauce. I don't have a canner, and my pots weren't tall enough to put the cans in upright, so I hope they all 'pop' tonight while I'm sleeping (like Santa Claus).

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