Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I took a class last night at Weaving Works on finishing garments. I've always been stumped when it came to blocking, and finally think I have it figured out (thanks to the class, of course). I had to go to the store and buy a new iron (mine didn't steam very well), and it paid off. Finally finished, here is the rusted root sweater:
Notice how uniform the lace looks! Also notice the great new shoes that go so well with the outfit. I fell in love with them online this weekend and found out that they were on sale when I went to the store to buy them. Unfortunately, I bought the wrong size and had to drive to the suburbs to get the right size (and randomly bumped into a friend of hubbie's... that doesn't happen often shopping downtown).

In other shopping news, I bought this dress this weekend at Banana Republic. I love petites that aren't "old lady"-esque, and BR fits that bill for me! It's my new fancy-ish dress that I can wear on those rare special occasions (I realize the new shoes don't look quite as great with this outfit... don't worry, I won't wear them together in public!).Now the only question is: what's next for Nature Knitter? I guess I still have some baby items to knit, including a sweater and toy that are still half finished, and a sweater and booties for my brother's fetus. Look for adorable small things (properly finished) coming soon!

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Holly Jo said...

Rusted root looks great! Very feminine. This might sound weird, but the sleeves are a nice length. Knit short sleeves are tricky, but yours look great.