Thursday, March 15, 2007

March Madness

Apparently I was waiting until spring officially starts (which in our house is the first day of March Madness) to be truly inspired. Hubbie has a lot at steak in this year's madness (not a lot to lose, but a lot to win), so keep your fingers crossed for VCU to make it to the sweet 16, and for UCLA to win it all (if that happens, I will be blogging to you from Cabo San Lucas!).

I have so many projects that I am excited about knitting! In addition to the blue baby sweater, I am also working on an adorable knit toy. It's too cute to show in progress (plus I want to surprise the baby's mom!). Waiting in the wings is another baby sweater (with matching booties and fair isle involved) and a sweater for hubbie (with a tribal intarsia pattern and maybe a iPod nano pocket involved... the pocket depends on how well VCU does).

After finishing my sock fiasco, I finally cast on a new, fresh pair. These are my bus knitting project, because socks are small enough to fit in my purse and pull out on the bus without having to carry extra baggage or bump into my neighbor too much. These aren't for me, since I'm not crazy about the color (or how the pattern is turning out). These are the Monkey socks from Knitty (on top of my new favorite bag from Fossil. I also love their clothes and can't wait to go on a shopping spree there soon).

In other baby knitting news, I am working on this sweater in addition to the blue sweater. The yarn is Blue Sky Organic cotton yarn in Sage and is the best yarn I've ever used. Yeah. That good. It makes me wish I fit into this sweater! The color is really off in the picture and is gorgeous in real life.


Erin said...

Oooh, I love their ocotton! It feels so great, I've never felt cotton like that before! There was a yarn store going out of business in Bremerton, and my mum bought so much of it.... Too bad I'm sure she has plans for it, or else I'd nab it to make something for myself.

Holly Jo said...

I have heard nothing but good about Blue Sky cotton - even from people who HATE cotton. :) It will be a very cute sweater.