Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Flove Obsession

Much to hubbie's chagrin, I have been secretly working on more floves rather than working on his intarsia sweater (although I did get a few rows in last night, honey, I swear!). I now have four colors of fingering weight yarn, and think that I can get a full six pairs out of them (with six color combos, of course).

Also, to make up for my heartbreaking computer situation (I'm still working on getting everything back up and running. I'm too afraid to even think about my iTunes/iPod situation), I am now on Ravelry! I'm so excited!! It has given me a great distraction for when I'm feeling sad about the lost files...

In other randomness, I haven't been to the garden in a few days, but here are some pictures from last week. Of the six items we planted from seeds, it seems like four are growing, so we are going to buy some starter plants soon for the other two areas of the garden.

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