Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Color Explosion

In honor of the week o' fireworks (I grew up close to Canada, so on years that I was really lucky, I would see fireworks multiple times in the first week of July), I've been hard at work on the fair isle baby cardigan. Apparently the baby is going to be born early, so I'm not sure this will actually be finished before she arrives, but it's a 6-9 mo. sweater, so if it's a few weeks late, I'm sure it will be fine. Hopefully she can wear it during Christmas time! The sweater is for my niece, and my parents will be heading out to visit her in August (when she'll be a few weeks old), so that is my goal! I'm also trying to finish the ever-growing diagonal baby blanket for her too. It's starting to get huge (like the baby, I'm sure)!

Now only the sleeves and button band are left!

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