Thursday, December 27, 2007

Home for the Holidays

I was able to finish all of my holiday projects on time, but just barely! I was finishing the mitts for my nieces the morning that we had to drop them off. Sadly, this means that they have not been photo documented.

In the midst of the holidays and the traveling to visit families, I also started a new job! I am super excited to be at a dream job doing something I'm passionate about that does not involve commuting an hour or more home from work (and where I can get home at a decent time!). This should provide more time for knitting and general craftiness...

While I was traveling, since hubbie is so gracious in almost always driving, I did get some quality car knitting time in. I knit myself a Colorimetry to match my So Called Scarf (and my red jacket). I have enough yarn left to make another matching hat so that I will have some different options.
(Here I am showing it off with my mom on our Christmas Eve hike)

I've also been working furiously on hubbie's sweater that I started last summer. I'm hoping to finish on (or near) his birthday on January 7 (what a great 30th present!).

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