Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sweater Demolition

So after being inspired, here is my sweater demolition:

Here is the sweater I bought from the thrift store:

Next, I cut up all of the seams and frogged the yarn. Here is the yarn balls that were created:

I'm thinking a baby blanket for my brother and his wife... you can see by the picture I only paid $4 for the yarn, so it would definitely make it cost effective.... The yarn is pretty soft (wool/acrylic blend). I hope he doesn't mind used stuff!

to see the mess I left behind and the creative disposal method, click on read more!

The stuff left over (surprisingly not much!):

Instead of throwing it away, I let my hamsters play with it. They are both now sleeping in adorable little nests made out of sweater demolition leftovers! Stripe (one of the hamsters) is the adorable tan ball of fur in the left corner.


Anonymous said...

Your brother will be impressed & thankful. He is more than happy with used stuff & your idea was very clever!! The yarn looks very nice. mom

Me said...

I agree - the yarn does look nice, and what a good idea with your left overs.. hamsters are such cute little critters!

You remind me very much of my mum, who taught me to knit many moons ago. She used to go to jumble sales and thrift shops a lot.. buy sweaters for just a few pence, and unpick, wash and re-knit! :o) Thanks for reminding me of those days!