Saturday, May 28, 2005

Take me out to the ball game

What a crazy foggy morning! Last night, for my birthday, my hubbie took me to the local minor league baseball game. They have this great deal on Fridays where the grass seats are only $1.50 with 50 cent pop and hotdogs and $1.50 beer! So there were tons of little kids running around crazily while their parents were pounding beer. In the midst of the chaos, I did manage to make some progress on my socks... I divided both for the heel, but lacked the waste yarn to put the inactive stitches on. I also have gotten farther on my secret project, but have run out of "yarn", so I'm going to the store today to get more.

In other news for today, I'm going to try my hand at recycling sweaters from thrift stores after reading an inspiring detailed description and hopefully taking advantage of the sale at Joann's for the skirt I spoke of earlier (and maybe a dress, we'll see).

Oh, and for those of you who are curious: don't worry, the home team beat the rivals 12-0 (just for my birthday, I'm sure).

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