Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cheap Fabric-o-rama

With a few sewing successes under my belt, I decided on a harder challenge... reconstructing clothing into something more exciting without a pattern. I went to the local thrift store and, with the hubbie's help, chose these two large dresses to work with. The thrift store lady only charged me $1 each! I'm envisioning a skirt out of the light flowered fabric and a top (and skirt if there's enough fabric) out of the squared fabric. Something tank-top-ish, but nice enough to wear to work (since I have to dress semi-nicely for a few weeks until I go back out "in the field").

Speaking of working "out in the field", I'm leaving for five days to work for Boojum, doing challenge course work with the hubbie. We're really excited to be working together (and for me not to be in the office.... I haven't worked in an office in over three years, and never as a receptionist... it's not really my thing) and are looking forward to the temporary change. Unfortunately, during this time I'll be camping and will be nowhere near technology. Look for a new post Sunday (or Monday at the latest). Look for some finished objects, or at least finished books then.

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