Sunday, July 03, 2005

Challenge Course Extravaganza

While I was gone on my mini working-vaca, I was doing exciting things like this (well, belaying and facilitating this, but same diff). It wasn't all fun and games of course... there was a lot of hard work from dusk until dawn and there were two programs back to back... that's twice the work! I had a great week, but unfortunately got to do almost zero knitting. I just found out that my yarn somehow went to the wrong place and won't come until July 8! Oh Clapotis... where are you? At least I might finish the BBBB before I get sucked into the new shawl. I also haven't received my exchanged yarn from Knit Picks.... Well, I'm grimy and disgusting and must take care of myself (like showering for example). Crafty things to come, I promise!

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