Thursday, June 16, 2005

Love floves

Here is the beginnings of a flove. Yesterday while we waited in line for the movies (it was $2.50 Wednesday... what a steal), I busily kipped away on my flove. It's about 1/2 way done. I'm making them a little small so I won't run out of yarn (I'm bad with yarn estimation). After watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith (how can that be PG13? There was tons of shooting and sex), we came home to watch the premire episode of 30 days with Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame (and author of Don't Eat This Book which hubbie and I are currently eating... I mean reading). The show is about one person trying out someone else's shoes for 30 days in 1 hour. Very factual and interesting... we give it four stars!


Secret Pal said...

Hi there! It's your friendly neighborhood Secret Pal! I too loved Super Size Me. Is Don't Eat This Book a good read? I'm interested in picking it up but I haven't had the chance yet. Anyway, take care!

maleah said...

Don't Eat This Book is great! It covers some of the same things as the movie, but with more details and more facts. I highly recommend it.