Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Speedy Gonzalez

During an unusual display of boredom last night, my hubbie decided to learn how to knit. He's very good with his thumbs (from all of his x-box-ing), but I wasn't so sure about his finger dexterity. So last night we covered casting on and the knit stitch and he was off. Throughout the evening, morning, and work day (during phone calls and waiting for our archaic internet to load), he busily knitted away on his first scarf (you might recognize the colors from the recently finished pillow). I am very amazed at his dedication. If only I still had a picture of his crocheting attempt (affectionately called the "nipple hat"). He was much quicker than I ever expected and didn't believe him when he told me he ran out of yarn. There are some holes, and the scarf is getting wider as he goes along, but he's very enthusiastic and adorable with his new knitting craze. Now he can't make fun of me when I say, "Just one more row." He even let me watch Knitty Gritty (where they covered double knitting and made it not seem so difficult... looking forward to trying it) during our lunch break instead of the standard mid-day cartoons. Could I have married the perfect man?


Me said...

Wow!!!! He has been doing well! :o)

I don't personally know any fellas who knit.. although I have read of a few on the internet here...

My mother, who of course, is still in the UK, was telling me that when she went to buy some yarn the other day, this guy came in, and very sheepishly asked for a couple of his "balls of wool" which were saved for him in the back... after he'd left the shop, the woman there told her that he makes the most beautiful stuff, but is as scared as all get out to admit that he knits.

Shame that, isn't it?

Teacher said...

So , student, that became better than her teacher,I'd like to know ,when, you learn the skills of double knitting , will you share them with me? I've tried and not quite succeeded, at least not to my expectation.