Monday, June 06, 2005

UFOs... I thought they didn't exist!

Going through my knitting basket, I found some fairly old UFOs (unfinished objects for you non-knitters) from last fall and early winter. Now I can't decide if I should finish them all, or just some. The first one needs finished because it's for my mom and she bought the yarn. She wanted me to make a stripped felted pillow. She's coming in two weeks, so it would be great if I could have it done for her when she gets here. Here is my progress:

I also started a cable knit hat. I've made two already (one for my mummy), but mine is a bit small and I wanted to replace it with something fun. I bought the yarn for a present for my hubbie for valentine's day just to discover that he has a problem with red (how can he even tell what it is? He's color blind).

I also have a half-finished hallowig from Knitty. I thought it was funny and was going to use it as part of my science lesson with kids, but I'm not quite goofy enough to pull it off. I could still try, or I could easily find another natrualist who is goofy enough to use it.

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Anonymous said...

I vote on finishing the funny thing for one of your naturalists first - you'll be leaveing very soon & someone there would appreciate it, then the pillow for mom (she doesn't need it in two weeks), then the hat that you will need when you move back to Washington! Yea!!! Love mom.