Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Vacation... all I really wanted

Vacation... how do you get away? Unfortunately, I'm back from my lovely vaca where I relaxed and visited with my parents and loving hubbie. I took great pictures of our hikes but I accidentally deleted them! I did make some progress on my crafting (and read a great book... Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld). I got my new drop spindle in the mail last Thursday.

Beautiful isn't it? The best part is that it was super cheap (until I added shipping). It came with 2 oz. of wool (beautiful glorious white roving) which now looks like this:

It turned out much better than my first attempt at spinning (the drop spindle was much slower so the spin when about as fast as my hands which worked out perfectly). Speaking of my first spinning attempt, I have finished the first flove. I started the second, so we will soon see if there was enough yarn for both.

Last, but not least, I made a little more progress on my socks. I'm about to add the toe area and then they will be finally done (did I mention I started these bad boys in November?). I got some Knit Picks sock yarn and will be making socks for hubbie soon (in addition to the sweater... I am sending the yarn back today and will hopefully get to begin the sweater in the next two weeks sometime when the rest of the yarn arrives).

A very busy, eventful, but also relaxing vaca. Since I might not have another before the big move (and then unemployment... I don't know if that counts as a vacation), it was much appreciated. My parents are now back on the plane and I am getting back into the real world. Ugh.

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