Sunday, July 17, 2005

Full Speed Ahead

Ahoy mate-y. That's right, it's full speed ahead. My clappy is still growing steadily and I'm finally done with the increase rows! Now I have to actually do the "body" of the clappy itself! That's going to be the hard (and time consuming) part. I've had a hard time knitting and blogging lately, with work and running (although yeah for me... maybe it's actually healthy not to knit and blog every single day).

Hubbie and I went to Market night on Friday in a nearby town for fresh fruit and veggies (and of course hot nuts). It was wonderful. I wish I could go every time I had a whim for more fruit. To celebrate summer, I bought locally grown strawberries and made strawberry shortcake (even baking the shortcake which is impressive if you knew my kitchen record).

It is a bit difficult knitting (especially with wool) when every day it's over 100 degrees outside! As soon as we turn off the A/C, it's too hot to think again! I don't know if I can survive a whole summer in So. Cal.!

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