Saturday, July 30, 2005

Poopy Pants

I have been away from my computer lately and unfortunately it isn't because I've been crafting like crazy. I've worked soooo much lately! For slave wages too. It's ridiculous, I know. Yesterday, I worked with the maids changing the hotel rooms at the resort I live at. I was horrible. Hubbie helped too. You should have seen the beds we made! I think the regular maids were embarrassed.

I've also received some sad family news and don't know how to properly deal with it. It hasn't made me want to delve into my current projects.

I have three weeks of "slack" time in between hosting this cult-like group that comes to the resort for six weeks this summer. They just finished their first three weeks and that was why I was so busy. Hopefully I'll have time to be inspired. I haven't had time for actually crafty things, but I also haven't had time to be inspired or energy.

One last note, I woke up before 7:00 this morning to go running. This is miraculous. I do not wake up before 7:00 ever! And not before 8:00 if I can help it. I know, people, I'm damn proud of it.

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