Saturday, July 09, 2005

UPS... Where are you?

Today, I was planning on posting a picture of the lovely yarn I ordered long ago from Yarn Market... What's wrong with this picture?

Oh, that's right... it's not here yet!!!! UPS incorrectly routed the package and sent it to the wrong place. Then it was rerouted back to me scheduled to arrive (late) July 8. But wait, wasn't that yesterday?, you ask. Why yes, you, it was. Yesterday, it was "missed" and "no attempt to deliver on schedule was made". Why the heck not?, I ask. How was it "missed"? Don't they have computer lists and things of what goes on what truck to where? Since it was Friday, I now have to wait until Monday for the yarn. That is, if they don't "miss" it again.


Hubbie said...

You poor baby! I wish I could beat up the whole company for you.

Me said...

Isn't it kinda unusual for UPS to mess up like that? Now.. if it were the post office in our town, that wouldn't be out of the ordinary... I don't know what *they* are thinking of sometimes! :o)

Hope your yarn arrives soon... and btw, I like your sock!!!!!! :o)