Sunday, July 10, 2005


I finally finished one of my socks! I still need to stitch the toe end, but overall, I'd say it's 99% done. Yeah me! I haven't been knitting much lately after my successful tank top finishing because I've been waiting for that yarn and have been bummed because I'm really looking forward to that project. I'm trying to finish my socks up soon (and might even finish the other one today). Seeing the speed of my sock accomplishments lately, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Jenifer said...

Yea -- nice sock! I'm always relieved to finish a sock, I like having them but they're not much fun to make I think. That 4th of July thing was for a museum exhibit, in case you were wondering (where did that darn article go anyhow?). Congrats on your recent graduation!! M.A.s are nice to have. :) (Why don't they call it a Mistress Associate for girls, by the way?) Jenifer