Thursday, August 18, 2005

The challenge of eating local

Eating local has still been a challenge. Between being busy with working every day and not being able to eat gluten, I’ve been having a hard time.
Reasons why it’s hard to eat locally:
  • I don’t have a kitchen!!

  • I live in a hotel room and have a mini fridge (and ants infesting everywhere else).

  • I can’t eat gluten and therefore can’t eat local baked goods.

  • I’m lazy and don’t like driving to the market (it’s at least a 15 minute drive).

  • I get over zealous about fruits and vegetables... I over stock and then they go bad and hubbie blames me. It’s not my fault!

  • I’m lazy and don’t eat until I’m starving which means I need to eat things that take minutes to make.

  • A lot of my food is provided by work (although most of it is glutinous).

  • Thursday night market is only on Thursday and I’m always too busy (or lazy).

Okay, so I’m a complainer. But I’m sure you already picked up on that. I still have two weeks left, and although I really don’t buy much food (because I’m always eating at restaurants or eating at work), I’ll try even harder to eat locally. I will stop complaining and take responsibility. At least for today.