Friday, August 05, 2005

Death of the camera... again

So, the camera died again. This might be for real now. I'm getting hubbie to replace it temporarily with his work camera. A picture of his new tattoo will be posted soon. As a non-tattoo girl myself, I actually kind of like it. His painful grimace during the process, however, reaffirmed my no-tattoo-for-me status.

Eating local is harder than I thought! I'm accustomed to slightly gourmet food (groceries are the number one expensive in our household), and authentic Greek yogurt isn't made in Southern California! I also can't find any gorgonzola cheese (my favorite on salads). When this month is over, I will still try to give a preference to local foods, then organic, but I might have to break down and get the Greek yogurt and gorgonzola cheese (I hope I can hold out until September).

In other news, we got new shoes again! I've been dying for a pair of Chaco's for three years now, and I finally got a pair. They look even better with my dainty little feet in them.
We're going away to a fancy shmancy resort for the weekend in Desert Hot Springs (near Palm Springs.... as poor outdoor educators, this is the cheapest season... the room is usually $220/night and we're paying $140). I'll hopefully take some nature pictures while we're there so y'all can be jealous (tee hee hee). Just think of how hot we'll be and you'll feel better about not being here.

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