Saturday, September 03, 2005

Another shopping spree

Okay, I have to admit when I went shopping this morning I forgot it was a holiday weekend. The outlet mall is only 10 miles away, but on holidays, it is packed full of L.A. shoppers looking for a good deal. Yes, by the way, I found some great deals! So three hours later (30 minutes of this was looking for parking), we left with some shorts (for running), a skirt ($10 Roxy... can you imagine?), and a swimsuit ($14 for a Billabong 2 piece!).

In other news, I have decided to try Secret Pal 6 to prove I can be an even better secret pal than before. I’m excited to start over fresh.

I also reached running goal #2 today. Very exciting stuff.

I’m also still hard at work on hubbie’s ugly green sweater and will show my progress soon (when it’s more impressive).

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