Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blog Day

Okay, I saw Blog Day (which was August 31) on another site and decided to have my own unofficial blog day where I comment on 5 new blogs and promote them here.

Tangles posted a beautiful Noro scarf... I want one! Although I'll probably never head over to West Virginia, her vacation photos are breathtaking.

I also stumbled upon Christine's weblog. She has some amazing henna talent!

For those who care about celebrities and gossip involving them, there is A Socialite's Life.

The lazy environmentalist could also be a description of me! But I'm not as lazy as I wish I were. This is also where I found out that Organic Style (my favorite magazine) is ending! What will I read in the bathroom? Actually, there are several other media offerings according to the lazy environmentalist.

The last blog of the day (that counts) is "the closer the knit the tighter the fit, and the chills stay away". This knitter was/is a vegan knitter (although I'm a semi-vegetarian who eats fish, I love animal yarn and can't imagine not using it) but currently is rethinking her position.

This one I couldn't comment on, so it doesn't count, but The obscure store and reading room blog has great, random, and true articles from actual news sources. My favorite from today is: Woman sues chocolate shop over bathroom privacy violation.

I also want to promote google's new blog search in case you want to conduct your own blog day.

Happy blogging!


Christine said...

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog and including me in your "blog day"!
Your Triada looks great. I've had my eye on that pattern for a while but haven't attempted it yet. I actually DO knit even if not much of it has been in evidence on my blog as of late!
What yarn did you use? It's just lovely!

maleah said...

Thanks! The yarn I used on the scarf is Fiesta Yarns La Boheme in Vanilla. It's the yarn (not the color) the pattern calls for, and I didn't know what would be an appropriate substitute.