Monday, October 03, 2005

Close, but no clapotis

After knitting this creation for what seems like a lifetime, I have some bad news. I have run out of yarn. You can see if you look closely that I'm so close to being finished. Just that tiny triangular corner. Darn it! I'm hoping that my local store has a skein of this yarn! I'm going by Saturday at the latest, so let's hope that they do so I can have another beautiful shawl soon.

In other news, in case you couldn't tell, I got a new camera. I love it and can't wait to get a memory card for it so it will be totally functional (I didn't realize the teeny memory they give you only holds like 2 pictures... okay maybe 9, but still).

I've been totally engrossed in the Harry Potter series this weekend (a little late, I know). I'm on book #4 now and it's getting better (because I saw the first three movies and the books were very similar).

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