Monday, October 10, 2005

Mom's Mail Monday

That's right, mom! I finally got the long anticipated fall mail. It contained a beautiful card (as only my mother can make) and a leaf necklace. How perfect is this? I love it! Thanks a ton! As you can see, it was also earring weekend where I bought three pairs of large bold earrings and now must face the challenge of wearing them daily (or at least every other day). The post office also might hold some packages I am anxiously waiting for, but alas, it is a holiday and I was unable to retrieve them. Drats!


Hubbie said...

A wonderfull choice to match the season and my wife's beauty. She looks so diferent and high fashion with the huge dangling earrings.

mom said...

I love the picture! A copy would make a great gift for Dad for Christmas. Thanks for the honor. Love mom.