Saturday, November 12, 2005

Poor Freezing Hubbie

My poor impatient husband is dying for a sweater. I'm knitting along, but once I finish, I won't have anything else to knit so I'm secretly savoring the last bit of the sweater. I ordered yarn over a month ago for a new felting project and it still isn't here. Are you kidding me? Anyway, in addition to listening to hubbie complain today, we're going on a (window) shopping spree. How very exciting. I plan on looking at some new knitting magazines at Barnes and Noble (I'm usually too cheap to actually buy any) and sneaky snaking around hubbie because I'm also secretly pricing christmas presents for him while we're window shopping. Also attending suprise party tonight (and giving away knitting roll thingy) in my old home town of 9 months (9 months ago...). More pictures to come!

My poor color blind hubbie can't really tell there's a stripe in this sweater. Which is just as well, I guess, because the stripe is more of an upside down rainbow and less of a straight stripe.

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