Monday, December 26, 2005

Fallen off the face of Washington

Okay, so I really haven't, but I'm sure it seems like it. We're staying with some friends who don't have internet! I know, it's shocking! I've had 2 interviews and have 3 more lined up, so hopefully with 5 interviews I can land one job and then we'll move to our own place and hook up the DSL once more! Look forward to that in about 2 weeks and hopefully some updating inbetween time.

In fiber news, hubbie bought me some roving for Christmas, so I'll start spinning that soon. Mom got me an electronic yogurt maker. Who knew there was such a thing? So now I can eat home made yogurt and spin roving!

1 comment:

The Centaur said...

Welcome back to Washington.
I hope the journey was as free from episodes of lost car keys as possible.

We're glad to have you back.