Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Last yarn delivery and general worrying

So, finally, the yarn I ordered back in September has arrived (although it's a different brand than I ordered). I won't bad mouth the company, but it was a little ridiculous. I was later told they don't usually carry the yarn I ordered. Then why was it being sold on the internet? Excellent question, I know. Well at least it came before I moved (3 days left!). The colors look shocking, I know, but I have an orange/red/pink obsession (as anyone who has seen my former living room may know) and I'm thinking a felted messenger bag or laptop case. When felted, the colors get a tad darker, right?

I also finally decided on a professional interview outfit for all of the countless interviews I will hopefully be going on in Seattle (or maybe not hopefully...). My mother will be so proud.

And, yes, shockingly, there has been some knitting. While hubbie would rather have me slave away working all day on packing and cleaning (a lady doesn't pack!), I've been sneaking in some sock work. Since I'll have to drive my beautiful car up to Seattle, I won't get to knit for days, so I'm trying to squeeze this project in before we leave. I'm done with the first sock (except for the grafting... I hate that part).

Here the sock is posed on one of the pieces of my matched luggage (thanks mom).

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Mom said...

Yes, mom will be (is) proud of you - as always. You are a great daughter.