Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I know you've seen some exciting photos of the crafting nook and living room of the "plex", but just in case you're curious, here are some other places in the new, practically perfect duplex:

The mud room (aka the International room... houses all international pictures and hanged decorations in addition to the brand new washer and dryer)

The kitchen and dining area (disregard the fallen napkin... you never saw it). Look at the huge windows and spacious dining area. As well as the new, clean microwave (thanks in-laws!):

Bedroom. I know... I'm too old to have stuffed animals. Again, you never saw them. To the right, you can see the beginning of the office. Look at how spacious the room is!

So now you see, it's not just my imagination or positive outlook that makes the plex perfect. Did you see pictures months ago of the hotel room? We are living in the lap of luxury people!

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amanda said...

I love the new place especially the craft nook! It's ginormous!