Thursday, March 23, 2006

Swanky Socks

So, I know that I keep promising big things, but this time, I mean it. We're finally all settled down into our beautiful "plex" and respective employments. To celebrate, and to help me return to normal life, I've been trying to schedule some good ole fashioned sock knitting. I've decided to try the realm of circular needles for my next pair of socks (and I have beautiful sock yarn coming out of my ears!), but for this pair, I'm sticking with my trusty bamboo. After my first sock, I'm really disenfranchised with the toe. I'm also convinced that my feet look chubby in the socks. I'm not crazy, and I have slender beautiful little feet.
Here's my proof. Naked foot:
Sock covered foot:Did my foot just gain 10 lbs? I'm also not crazy about the toe... I'm going to finish the second sock and mail them to a friend with even skinner legs. Hopefully she can pull them off!

1 comment:

Shane said...

I have to disagree with you.The foot looks wonderfull with or without the sock. It's a nice sock also, good pattern. How long does it take to make such a master piece? Anyone would be lucky to have such a beautiful sock. Do you only knit in the craft corner? Your excited audience wants to know.