Friday, March 31, 2006

X-box Fashion

I’ve been making slow, steady progress on my sock. Right now, it’s in the painful stages... this is the part I hate (and why I prefer an hourglass heel). Is it just me or does this remind you a little too much of the dentist? I hate the dental dams (is that phrase actually used for the rubber dentists put on your face during cavity excavation, or is it only used in a dirty sense? I’m trying to be PG here.). Speaking of cavities, I really should go to the dentist soon.... Maybe this is why I’m disenfranchised with this heel—my knitting shouldn’t remind me of something I hate so much!

On a happier note, I’ve joined a book club and am anxiously awaiting reading our first book: Indian Killer by Sherman Alexie. He’s from Seattle, and apparently reading is very “in” here, so I’m feeling very hip. I was hoping to join a knitting book club, but it never really got off the ground. Imagine my excitement when some of my fellow book club members mentioned their new found love of knitting. I’m bringing my knitting to the next meeting. Maybe I’ll start a trend.

Speaking of future knitting, hubbie has already requested his next knit article: a hip holder for his broken x-box headset. Here he is looking completely unhip in his current makeshift hat-holding-cord-of-broken-headset getup.
Yes. This is what my Friday nights come down to. Watching hubbie in his silly getup play video games with all the zillionaires, while I listen to one sided conversations.


The Centaur said...

Maleah, if you're going to knit something Xbox-related, may I suggest some special turret-grip gloves for Krusty?

Have Krusty explain the joke...

Hubby said...

This is the most excited I have been for a new knitted item. I can't wait. I hope it does not fall under the distant future knitting. Not only will it hold my important headset but also keep my ears safe from the pokes of knitting needles telling me it's time to stop playing.

maleah said...

Centaur, you underestimate my Halo 2 knowledge. Hubby and I have discussed at length what, if any, special insignia or wording should be on the x-box headwear, and, of course, turret came up quite often. Hopefully you'll be plesently surprised.