Monday, March 27, 2006


So hubbie and I had a few hours off at the same time when the sun was out. In Seattle, this has not yet happened. Mainly because the sun is never shining in Seattle. And when it is, it's still been 50 degrees... and everyone says "It's so warm outside." It's ridiculous! Maybe it's because I've been used to So. Cal. weather for so long that to me, 50 degrees is the dead of winter no matter how sunny it is.

Other than my weather soapbox, I actually did enjoy the "warm" weather and went letterboxing with hubbie. If I was more organized, I'd have pictures, but now you have something to look forward to in the future.

On the crafting front, let me explain the use(less)fullness of the crafting nook. Although it is cute, and definitely a nook, it has currently been only the storing place for crafty items including my sewing machine, as well as my makeshift office. I know, you are thinking to yourself that you saw an office in the bedroom on the "plex" tour, but unfortunately, the cable internet only is available in the living room without having wires all over my house... so I've been lightly crafting in the nook, but as of now, all of the knitting is done elsewhere.


Hubby said...

This day was so much fun. I have to admit the whole idea sounded kinda boring when I first heard about it. Boy I was wrong. I can't wait to go again. Next time we can take pictures so the bloggers can see how cute you are.

Dave said...

Before I left Bham, some friends gave me a letterboxing kit they made for me. I haven't tried it yet, but when the weather gets nicer, I'll give it a try. Thanks for inspiring me!