Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's a miracle!

That's right... I am currently knitting socks on one needle! I know you've seen four, you've seen three, you've even seen two, but I introduce to you: one circular needle socks!

Of course, this isn't my idea. There was a woman at my knitting group that showed me the ins and outs, and I read someone else's detailed description, but I am still very excited. My needle is too short to do two easily, so I'm going to exchange it today (do they let you exchange needles? I guess I'll find out!) for a longer needle.

Don't worry, x-box fans. I've started the headband and am currently thinking of the best plan of action for the letters.

And in other news, I have some nature to share (this is nature knitter, after all... not just knitter). This is from our letterboxing trip last weekend out in the suburbs. It was a gorgeous trail, and it was very well maintained. There were several other hikers/wanderers, so it was hard to be sneaky, but it was still fun. We might go again this weekend. It's a new obsession (and it helps that hubbie and I have time off together finally).

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