Friday, April 14, 2006

X-Boxer's Fantasy

X-boxers: eat your hearts out! That's right. The x-box headband for hubbie is finished. I know you were anxiously awaiting the day when you found out what was written on the masterpiece. And here it is:

That's right... it's my silly hubbie's video gaming alter ego (you can look him up "live" if you're a gamer too... but if you're reading my blog, unless you're hubbie's friend, I'm assuming you're not "live" so much). Here he is wearing the style-meets-functional headband

Notice how the hook peeks out the top and how the microphone pokes out the bottom. This is not by accident people! This is heavy duty craftsmanship, which is needed for my hubbie.

Place your order now, fans. This is a hot commodity.

Also, the pattern will be posted soon. This I am serious about.

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