Thursday, May 18, 2006

Alpaca Love

For those of you who missed the poorly-advertised ArtFest 2006 (that isn't mentioned on any website)in the tiny border town of Blaine (officially "the sticks"), you missed out on this. As well as a broom squire (before I met him, I thought, "why make brooms when you can buy one for $10?", but then I heard his story and I realized people also think, "why knit sweaters when you can buy one for $20?").

Although my knitting is still slowly coming along, I don't have impressive progress to report yet. I did walk to a great yarn store at lunch the other day, and I am taking a drop spindle class this weekend. You may remember I already spun a skein on a drop spindle, but it was ages ago, and I'm hoping that if I took a class, I'll actually be decent at it.

Look for a post with drop spindle love soon!

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