Friday, May 05, 2006

Live Local Day 5

Today, I took the day off and joined hubbie in exploring our town. We went to REI (which technically is still local) and enjoyed their anniversary sale. Then, with coupons in tow, we headed over to another area of town. Thanks to the Chinook Book, I was ready to purchase something for 50% off at Kavu. The items there were wonderful and I fell in love! It's my new favorite store, and I walked out with three items instead of the sole bag I was looking for. I bought an adorable skirt, a great tank, and a fun day bag. We also learned how to email photos from our phone, as you can see above (this is me in Kavu, where you will find me weekly from now on). Seriously. Their clothes are reasonable, local, earth-friendly, and super plain and wonderful (just like me!).


hubbie said...

I had fun on this day as well. This idea of supporting only local business is a little harder for me. I think I made a mistake by taking you to Kavu. There goes all of my pay checks. But thanks to me you got the all powerfull friends and family half off card. Yeah for that. It was beautiful and so are you.

Casey said...

I love Kavu too! When I used to live in Washington, I used to go there often but I never bought anything because both my husband and I were grad students and really poor. Now I don't live near a Kavu store. It sounds like you found some good things at Kavu- I'm jeolous!