Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Baby Adorableness

I found time to piece the sweater together three times, since I couldn't decide on which method I liked best. It's now all ready to go and will ship out soon to its new, young owner.

Here is a close up on the natureknitter tag... adorable, I know.

And yes, there has been a little spinning involved. I've moved on to merino wool which is harder than the mohair, but softer and prettier (pictured, of course, in with the farmers market veggies... not much that wasn't refridgerated this week!).


Dipsy said...

Oh, I love this sweater, it's so cute and in such a pretty color - I'm sure the little recipient is going to love it! Great work!

Jeannette said...

Maleah, we love the sweater! I'm working on emailing some pictures right now to thehappymcphersons address. Thank you so much! Jeannette