Sunday, June 04, 2006

Baby Steps

I put down my spinning for a few hours this weekend and have started an adorable baby sweater. I bought some cashmere merino yarn for the sweater, and may have enough for two sweaters. I'm making a pattern by Debbie Bliss. Hopefully I can mail it off tomorrow with my secret pal package. The question is: who are the lucky recepients? No, it's not you!

I had plenty of time for knitting at the dullest party ever. Some conversation topics I overheard (sadly, this list is not embellished):

  • Ultimate Fighting and how cool it is
  • going public vs. staying private as a company and which is better for whom
  • what banks now have the best checking (apparently I'm living in the stone ages by banking where I do)
  • how much money the average Master's degree holder makes (as a "master", I disagreed with the amount, but kept my mouth shut for fear of encouraging the conversation)
  • the condition of the grass
  • stock options and who should get them
  • how underpaid/over qualified teachers are.

Yeah. Lots of time to knit.

And, of course, there has been some spinning lately. I've moved on to the multi colored merino wool, but here is the finished purple mohair.Isn't it perfect?! I'm so proud. Also, in future knitting news, I've decided on attempting to make the Lux tank from June MagKnits out of the lace yarn from my secret pal. I hope it's enough!


Secret Pal said...

The purple is gorgeous. One of these days I shall learn how to spin. You make it look so easy! Apparently there is a knitting house at UPS, so I'll see what they have to offer, spinning-wise.

I understand with the party thing. I had a party last night, and there was one couple all over each other without doing anything (which I think was more awkward than if they had actually been making out or beyond) and another girl hanging off all of the guys there. And since I had nothing to add to the conversations, I sat and knit. Which was more fun than talking about whether Wolverine can crush bullets with his claws.

Heatherly said...

lovely colour