Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Long Time No Blog

My crafting life has been currently very lame. I'm taking the next week off of work, so I'm hoping to rekindle my love of life and all things crafty. While I was away at work, I did finish spinning a skein.

While I'm trying to find my inner crafy woman again, I am going on a short trip with hubbie and some friends to the islands this weekend. The last trip we went on involved a lot of this:Which is where I finished my last baby sweater... or is it where I finished the sleeves for the second sweater? If that's true, I haven't made much progress since. If you look closely out the window, you can see the lake that my in-law's timeshare is on. It's really beautiful.

Hopefully I'll have better, more fun vaca. and crafting pictures next week.

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Secret Pal said...

Hello! This is your secret pal letting you know that your next package is sitting here next to my computer. Which means it will be mailed out soon. It's been busy, with end-of-the-year prom/projects/graduation, but now that I've given up on finding a job (did you know that Target makes you sign something saying you'll be able to work for 90 days? Which is pretty impossible if your entire summer, from the end of school to the day you leave, is less than 90 days) I will have the time to mail it out. The spinning looks gorgeous!