Wednesday, July 05, 2006


With all of my down time, I've made great progress on Green Gables. I love it! I haven't knit a top for myself that I actually wear. I do have one sweater and one tank I made, but neither are flattering or make their way out of my dresser much.

As you can see, I'm over half way! And I started Friday! I'm heading to the yarn store later today to get some smaller needles for the ribbing on the bottom and the sleeves.

In other exciting news (or at least exciting to me), hubbie and I went on a shopping spree yesterday that was very successful. Later that night, exhausted from all of the tedious shopping and money spending, we climbed up onto our roof to see if we could see the Seattle fireworks. Not only could we see the main show I was hoping to see (that apparently is in the top 5 in the nation), we could see FOUR shows! Granted, we could only see the tops of three of them, but still! It was very exciting. And the best part was the short distance back to my bedroom. No parking or traffic to worry about. I can't wait for next year! Maybe I can convince some neighbors to cut down some trees in the meantime...

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