Tuesday, July 18, 2006


In memory of the sun (which has mysteriously disappeared from Seattle), may I present to you... our tomatoes. If you look closely, you can see three, and now there are five. They are all small, green, and beautiful. They're also the first fruit that hubbie and I (I use "and I" very loosely) have produced.

Maybe I'm not a good gardener because I'm such a phenomenal knitter. Or maybe it's just because it takes too much work and is never finished, unlike my knitting projects. I'm currently working away on my felted laptop case. I cast on at our last Stitch & Bitch, and am considering taking it to the Stitch & Pitch with me.

I'm also working away on the Picovoli. I just finished the armholes, but need to do some calculations on where to go from here, since the gauge is so different that what is called for... I'm not sure what I think about the multi-colored yarn, but I'm sure it will be fine.


hubbie said...

Those are some excellent tomatoes. I think they have taken over for our long lost hamster. I love them twice a day and they are responding well. Thank you for your assistance in their spectacular success.

Secret Pal said...

I must have stolen the sunshine-it was in the 90s in Portland, where I was the last few days. Great for sitting, drinking Thai tea and watching people. Not so great for buses and walking in heels.

Tandi said...

Love the yarn you're using on the Picovoli! (Saw your link on the Picovoli KAL)