Thursday, July 27, 2006

Celebrate Knitting

Although I have been too busy to blog (gasp!), I have been knitting and have been getting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. I conned hubbie into going to our neighborhood parade last night. We were horrified to see this as the beginning of the parade: In addition to being a terrible role model, etc., Ronald kept saying things like "If you love [our neighborhood] scream", "Are you loving it?", and "I'm making healthy choices, you can too!". The guy is on a segway for pete's sake! Is that (or eating anything from McDonald's) really a healthy choice? Are kids that dumb?

The highlight of the parade was the pirates. They had cannons and everything! Very exciting, very trendy, very Seattle.

I also went to the Stitch N Pitch this week. It's a long story, but I made it! You can see various stages of knitting that went on behind me.

And you can see what quality seats we got (but honestly, I was so into my knitting I didn't pay attention to the game... the lady next to me knew who was pitching and everything! I don't even know who the pitchers are!). This was my first time in Safeco Field, and it was beautiful!

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